May I help you? Day 2

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April 27th, 2014 11:58 am


Hi everyone ! Here is a little update for our second day on the LD29.

Today we have been finishing the characters (some sprites are missing but it’s on the way). Here you can see an update on our character, Tim, which you will be able to kill in our game :)


We’ve spend some time trying to fix the size of the elements, putting together some of the characters and the environment. We should have done it earlier, but we were all focus on different things.



So we figured out that our characters were too small, that the rooms where wayyy too big and this kind of stuff. Then we resized everything untill we got something we liked.

I have to admit that we don’t have a playable version yet. Paul, our dev, is working hard on implementing the basic actions (kill, NPC objectives) and, I hope, we might play it tonight. But we have so much to fix yet. The first playable version will help us to decide some of the actions like how is the game over, how hard is our test level, how can we balance the number of NPC, etc. So much to do.

Discovering a software (game maker) during a game jam is interesting but not the most productive and fast move we can do. Figuring out how to update elements, how to script on it (how the variables work between rooms, how instanciation works), takes time.

Good luck for the guys finishing today. See you tomorrow !

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4 Responses to “May I help you? Day 2”

  1. What is Mr Schafer doing in your game!? HUH???

    Looks cool though 😀 chuck me a link when it’s done please – either here or on twitter @triplevisgames

  2. flavio says:

    My lawyer says to state the following : “any resemblance to real events and/or to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental”


    Yes, we’ll share the link ! Thanks for the comment ! :)

  3. flavio says:

    Hey TripeVisionGames !
    The game is live here :

    It’s only windows so far. Trying to find someone with linux/osx app to make a port :)

    Hope you’ll enjoy it !

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