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April 27th, 2014 2:23 pm

And with 3-ish hours left, I need to call this a failure loss.  I was originally going to call it a failure, but upon reflection I did learn things from this, so it isn’t a true failure.  I’m going to skip the What Went Right portion of a post-mortem because so very little did go right and what there was might not have been good after all.  The game didn’t even get to a point where it was interactive, so it’s hard to say.  So what did go wrong?


I had a grand total of 10 hours to dedicate to LD.  That’s just not enough time, not when you’re going up against people who are putting in 30 hours or more.  And out of those 10 hours, I’d say 5 of them were distraction filled.  Attempting to do the LD with a family doesn’t work very well.

My initial design was far to broad.  Now I’ve done enough 48-hour jams to realize this quickly, but it still cost extremely precious time planning things out, then looking at the time and realizing that I’d never get anything done if I continued at that pace.

The Rules:
This time around the compo rules really hammered me hard.  A good portion of my design hinged on using code snippets that were already written…and then realizing after I read over the rules summary post that I couldn’t use any of it.  That really hurt, both time-wise and moral-wise.
So how to deal with these issues next time?  Well the scope issue I think will always be there.  It can be very hard to correctly guess how much can be done within a given time frame, but with continue practice I’ll get better at it.  Time is trickier item.  It’s going to be years before that eases up, at least until my sons are teens and I don’t need to be deeply involved in their learning every day.  Until then I think my best bet is to approach the LD as a micro jam, and focus on completing something within a 4-5 hour time frame.  As for the rules…bah.  Annoying, very annoying.  I suppose my best there is to collect my code fragments and publish them so they’re publicly available, and therefor eligible for use.

So here’s to having better luck on the next one.

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