Have I just submitted my game ?

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April 27th, 2014 5:29 pm

And in a shocking last minute twist, I’ve decide to not wait for the 72h, and submit the playable version I have to reach the 48h goal. I still plan to had the additionnal things tomorrow, but it won’t be on the version submitted.

Well, I guess it’s time for a little post mortem… WHAT A BLAST FOR A FISRT TIME ! When I decided to get in, I was hoping to have something near playable at the end of the 72h… I’m far beyong my expectation on this point.

Of course, my game won’t be a futur best seller. It’s really simple, for two reason : the theme wasn’t inspiring me and I didn’t want to start something to ambitious, due to my nearly noob skills. So I jumped on the first idea that seemed possible to me during my brainstorm.

I think I was well organised, with a SCRUM-like plannign, which allowed me to not panic and get things done in order and in time. Having the graph done quickly than I expect really helped me. And I even like them a little, surprisingly.

Beside the last minute bug that made me change a part of my code, technical things went well. Looks like my two month learning to use Unity were not a waste.

The most positive point about this experience is that I have the will to make some change to this game, I want to make some change to my previous mini-game (with which I’ve learned Unity) and… I have ideas and motivation for my next game (Day & Night theme has inspired me more…)

It was really fun, stressfull and motivating to see all your posts here and tweets during those 48h hours. There are tons of games, most of them greater than mine, and it’s an honor to be part of this experience.

See you next time, and until there : create more games !


PS : note to self, you should have sleep before to write this boring thing… shouldn’t you ?

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