End of Day 2

Posted by (twitter: @Pitzik4)
April 27th, 2014 12:10 am

I’ve got a puzzle! And, this may not sound like much to you, but… I think it’s actually a good puzzle! I’ve never made a good puzzle before, but this one’s good! Hooraaayyyy! Try it out immediately!

Can't see the image? Play the game instead!

How puzzling!

Also, level 1 is designed for messing around and getting used to the controls. Try playing it for a bit!

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  1. BMacIntosh says:

    I couldn’t figure out the puzzle with the pole. I tried all the listed keys while I was in the introspection window but none of them seemed to elicit any kind of reaction. I did get to mess with it on the frog, though. Neat!

  2. dan.marchand says:

    This is so cool. It’ll be tricky to design puzzles, but this concept could make for a really fun game. Interested to see where this goes!

  3. klianc09 says:

    Great Puzzler, after realising that you don’t have to touch the object to investigate it, I managed to complete the first puzzle.

    But seriously, you should somehow make the control scheme simpler, currently it feels like I’m operating a spacecraft . Since I anyway have to use my second hand to reach M while playing, you could move some of the introspection mode commands to the right side of the keyboard like J, K, L ? And this only assumes you are having a QWERTY keyboard, I don’t want to know what sort of twister one would have to play when using another keyboard layout. So reconfiguring controls is propably a must…

    Well, that’s just my thought, I can’t FORCE you into doing what I want 😀

    • Pitzik4 says:

      Yes, I will definitely do that. Remapping controls will be pretty easy since I’m using HaxePunk. I might make it so you can switch between WASD and arrow key controls, because trying to accommodate both in one key mapping is really cumbersome!
      And thanks everyone! I feel very motivated.

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