Didn’t go as well this time either…

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April 27th, 2014 3:25 am

So I started great, made an intro and main menu. Then I started with the gameplay, and hell fell…

I had never created a platformer before, and because it was the first time, the result weren’t good :(

I will try again next time, I will be back :)

Note to self :

* Don’t do something you have never done

* Don’t eat to much candy

Good luck to you who are still going, I shall start with a new project instead.

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  1. qntnm says:

    >Don’t do something you have never done

    I’ve never made an actual game before, but I’m doing it now! (:

    • Portals says:

      Great job! Sometimes I get stuck on these bugs like I did when I tried to create a platformer. That’s why I should have created one before entering. Good luck, I will play your game when it’s done!

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