Day 2 progress

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April 27th, 2014 11:46 am

I’ve pretty much finished work on the boat model and I’ve added the sailor to steer it, also worked on the wave system a bunch more, fixed the monster bugs and added a little collision stuff so you can’t drive through the beast. I *still* have yet to work on splash effects, or adding any of the harpoon code, or a proper monster model… or sound… or music…

I don’t think I’ll get this finished in time for the compo deadline tbh, and my energy is running low so I’ll be taking a break and might not even get back to this today. Hopefully I’ll get a new wind tomorrow and it will be submittable for the jam!

oh, and I might as well share a web build (sorry linux folk, you’ll have to wait till it’s done!) >web build here <

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  1. deathray says:

    That looks like fun!!

  2. This looks awesome. I’ve always wanted to experience the unspeakable horror of me versus the ocean. Please send me a link to the page when it’s done (either on here or twits @triplevisgames) thaaaaanks 😀

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