Ugh…so close and juggling

Posted by (twitter: @@mattrifiedgames)
April 26th, 2014 12:58 pm

I started my game and I don’t hate it, but I wasted the morning going a puzzle route but…that’s just not me, at least not this type of puzzle, slow jigsaw puzzles.  I’m more of a twitch player.  I have two mechanics I want, and  I’m trying to devise an interesting way to use them both with only single button mouse clicking.  Also, I tried out Substance Painter today; it’s a cool program but not 100% what I’m looking for, at least not yet and not for this.  I’ll stick to Photoshop for now.  I’m going for a walk to clear my head and when I get back I’m going to either figure out how to do these mechanics properly or start character work…

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