Pyxel Edit map importer for Haxe

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April 26th, 2014 1:47 am

If you’re using the awesome pixel editor Pyxel Edit (free version) and you happen to be a haxe user, you can probably use my importer.

This is a really simple project but this is still time you can save for something else. You can basically retrieve a tile array of each layer and this is framework agnostic; but if you’re using openFL, i made a helper.

Here is an example on how to retrieve datas for three layers named “background”, “walls” and “objects” in Pyxel Edit and draw them on screen:

import flash.display.Sprite;
import openfl.Assets;

import pmi.PyxelMapImporter;
import pmi.OpenflHelper;

class Main extends Sprite
    public function new()
        var pyxelMap = new PyxelMapImporter(Assets.getText("assets/map.xml"));
        var background = pyxelMap.getDatasFromLayer("background");
        var walls = pyxelMap.getDatasFromLayer("walls");
        var objects = pyxelMap.getDatasFromLayer("objects");
        var tilemapBackground = OpenflHelper.getTilesheetArray(background);
        var tilemapWalls = OpenflHelper.getTilesheetArray(walls);
        var tilemapObjects = OpenflHelper.getTilesheetArray(objects);
        var tilesheet = OpenflHelper.getTilesheet("assets/map.png");

        tilesheet.drawTiles(, tilemapBackground);
        tilesheet.drawTiles(, tilemapWalls);
        tilesheet.drawTiles(, tilemapObjects);

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