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April 26th, 2014 8:34 am

After long considerations, I decided to go with MonoGame after all. I have worked with XNA for about two years, because it is the main tool of the studies, but I dropped it when I figured out it is too much of a hassle to distribute. MonoGame was still in its early stages back then, but it has grown to work quite alright now and I am pretty sure it will be alright for this project.

My game will be a puzzle game, which means level design will be a huge part of it. That is a decision I made beforehand, but it is something that will make this project not too easy. The gameplay mechanics will stay quite simple, though I have some really cool ideas to make some tough puzzles. Actually coming up with a format to create and load my levels might be a challenge as well. I looking into Tiled, but I am not entirely sure if it fits my uses. Right now levels are loaded from plaintext, but that will not be sufficient later, when things have to be more connected. I might go with manually writing JSON, as I do that a lot for other projects as well, but I might also look into some other tools as well.

Here is the current work in process. It is not a lot and really simple, but it already contains the core mechanics of the game. Graphics is going to turn out to be a real challenge, because pixel graphics have never really been my thing, but we will see what I can make from it.

Right now it’s time to take a break, eat some food and clear my mind. After dinner I will get back and continue streaming as well, so make sure to check that out if you want to see what this screenshot is all about!

Cireon - Work in progress #1


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