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April 26th, 2014 3:20 pm

So I decided to make a game where you and 4 other miners are trapped underground. Part of the mine caved in, and you only have a limited number of supplies. You have to worry about giving rations of food and water to other people, using the medicine wisely, and other things like that. It’s sort of inspired by the decision-based part of FTL, and the keeping-your-family-alive part of Papers, Please. I’ve finished the graphics and UI, so now I have to worry about the actual gameplay. Here’s a picture of the game so far.


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  1. TMKCodes says:

    Similar idea as I have, but mine are space travelers who crashlanded to frozen planet and they found themselves deep under the ice layers. Though I’m not making the player worry about food, but limited weapons for fighting against the frozen planet creatures and tools to move under the ice. Though movement possibilities will not run out if the player is careful to mine some frozen oil. The goal of my game is to reach the surface of the planet and send a sos signal with a radio which could not trasmit or receive a signal beneath the surface before they get stuck beneath the surface or the habitats of the planet feed on them.

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