My favourite theme! Yay!

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April 26th, 2014 12:23 am

I was hoping that “Beneath the Surface” theme would be selected and what do you know – it made it! Too bad I won’t probably have time during the weekend to scrape up a game of any sorts. Oh well :) I like the theme so much that I should create perhaps a 1GAM out of it…


I had this idea of a modernised text adventure, with some graphics on the background and sounds & music to create atmosphere, non-static text that could appear in different parts of the screen, maybe even some real-time sequences. Seems that like most people here, my initial feeling of the theme leads underground, although ‘surface’ could really mean anything and going beneath the surface is simply passing a threshold.


Good luck everyone! I hope that really great games come out of this LD. If you have never finished a game (in Ludum Dare or otherwise), now is a perfectly good time to do it! That’s all that counts, after all!

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  1. alexdantas says:

    Aww, it’s a shame you didn’t made a game this LD…

    Anyway I’m curious to see that idea gain life!
    I love textual games and you scratched at a great concept.

    You should try to finish your first game,
    even if it turns out to not be as good as you expected…

    Depending on the language and tools you choose,
    I think we should try to make something together…
    What do you think?

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