LD #29 – Update 2 – 24 Hour Recap

Posted by (twitter: @Scipio_Xaos)
April 26th, 2014 5:53 pm

So I’ve done a bunch of coding (just like last time) and again nothing to show for it.  I’ve completely upgraded how I do level loading from how I did it in One Jump and this year’s entry will have a much more customizable level (if you try to hack the jar like I know someone did last time 😛 ).  While promoting usability, this feature also makes it easier to build the level since all it takes to make a change is to change a file or two and the updates can be seen almost immediately.

So… 24 hours down, here’s what’s accomplished:

  • Some GUI development (If more was done I could start the game! 😀 )
  • Most of the Level Loading code (A complete revamp from last the last Ludum Dare entry to make it more feasible to make levels)

Things left to do:

  • Get the bloody game running.
    • That’s most of the mechanics.
    • Entity Interaction and AI.
    • Winning & Losing Conditions
  • Make most (all) of the entities.
  • Make the map and the tiles.
  • Add sound.

So.. yea… the next 48 is gonna be fun.  (And hopefully I’ll have some screenshots to post by then.. 😛 )

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