LD #29 – Update 1 – This seems familiar….

Posted by (twitter: @Scipio_Xaos)
April 26th, 2014 1:02 pm

Well, everyone, I’m back for another year.  I’ve got a slightly different team (one of my roommates from college will be doing the graphics assets instead of my brother, and I still don’t know who’s gonna do audio).  But yea… this seems familiar.

More time doing UI coding, but I’m back to making the render code.  This time the render is a little more complex and dynamic than before, but it’s based on the same concepts that my previous Ludum Dare entry was built on.  Hopefully, I can get this rendering code together tonight so that I’m at least rendering before the morning.  That’ll leave the last two days for implementation of this games specific features, character control, mob AI (yup! this time you’ll have something to compete against), music creation (if it’s not done sooner), and art asset polishing.

So I’m off to Dinner and I’ll be back to coding again around 5 DST.  Ciao for now!

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