Kiyaku Update #2 – First progress

Posted by (twitter: @Serious_Creeper)
April 26th, 2014 11:11 am

So i’ve been mostly working on the level generator so far. It’s very basic but it works, so that’s good!


I also started adding enemies (pink squares for now), a fog of war sort of thing, light (not used in the screenshot though) and you can go up/down floors.

When going up and down floors, it saves the enemies progress as well. So you can come back to a previous floor and the enemies will be exactly where they were when you left the floor.



As mentioned in my previous update, i never really played Roguelike games (except for Rogue Legacy, which is considered a Rogue-lite game). But man it’s fun to work on this!


The next big steps would be inventory, items and stats such as health, speed, attack range, etc.


I know this is ambitious and way too much work, but it’s fun to work on nonetheless :)

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