It ruuuuuuuuuns! (sort of)

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April 26th, 2014 7:26 am

Roughly four hours in, I’ve gotten to the point where there is a proof of concept in place.

The game is about managing a group of deep sea divers (I am mister originality) hunting for treasure at the sea bottom. However, as their air supply is limited, it is up to the player to manage their resources soundly and make sure they get home safe. This part is not implemented yet. :-)

However, the little guys can now run along the sea bottom on their own and ┬áhunt for riches. If their air runs out, they’ll panic and run off to the nearest diving bell.


I’m pretty happy with the start. I made things a bit harder for myself by opting to use Impact++ for the first time. So while ImpactJS is warm and fuzzy for me, there’s a big unfamiliar body of code to get used to. Especially since it introduces concepts and classes meant to supersede the original Impact ones. It’s a good experience though, as the Impact++ code feels solid, and the documentation is amazing.

There’s still a ton of stuff left to do, but it feels managable:

  • Player interactivity (ability to drop supplies from above)
  • Victory/failure
  • Hazards and bonuses
  • Effects and eye candy
  • Making actual levels

All code is being pushed to Github as I go. :-)

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