In the Black

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April 26th, 2014 7:36 am

In the Black

So I spent a few hours last night thinking about the theme and how I might make a game that’s a bit different from what genres I normally work in. For this game I’m going to be trying some narrative elements and trying to get some stat driven gameplay working.

For In the Black, you play as the newly appointed manager of a failing mining company town. You have been tasked to get the mine profitable again in a fixed number of weeks. How you choose to do that will be up to you. Do you go for profits at the cost of blood? Can you find another way to balance the worker’s safety despite¬†your bosses greed? Will your own greed take over? I want to let the player answer these questions and more through a variety of dialog driven events.

I will attempt to track some different stats:

  • There will be stats on the mine itself, like “danger level”.
  • There will be stats on you, like “greed” and “compassion” perhaps.
  • There will be stats on the worker population too.

I’ve still got to define these systems but I think I can do something with this that might be interesting.

I’m going to be using Flash because I realized that some of the Unity plugins I use aren’t free so I couldn’t distribute them with the source. I’ll be writing everything from scratch this way using Flash.

So, that’s what I’m working on for this Ludum Dare. I’ve got my live stream up and running at¬†

Stop on by and say “hi” if you’d like!

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  1. theomnis says:

    This sounds neat…reminds me a bit of Oiligarchy perhaps?

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