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April 26th, 2014 3:27 pm

In the Black Dialogs

Finally got a rudimentary dialog system implemented. It can support up to 3 different options per screen. Also working on the general game loop / week phases. There is a status update portion, a player choice portion, a random event portion, and a (potential behind the scenes) week over portion.

I’ve never built a data driven dialog choice system before so of course it is taking longer than I expected. I’m trying to stay calm though and enjoy the ride. It is fun to solve new personal problems of code design and I’ve been wanting to take a crack at some dialog stuff for awhile, so I’m succeeding there for sure!

I also continued to flesh out the design of the game stats. Currently I’ve got the following systems in:

  • Mine
    • profit
    • danger
    • efficiency
  • Workers
    • fear
    • unrest
    • happiness
  • You
    • greed
    • compassion
    • ruthlessness

I am considering not exposing the actual values to the player, but communicating them via the narrative text during the game.

I think it’s time for dinner here soon. I’m starving!

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