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April 26th, 2014 8:52 pm

Started a bit late (about 10 hours ago) but I’m in.  I’m going for a minecart game where the aim is to traverse the bumpy mine rail road without spilling all the gems you’ve worked hard to mine.


I’m using Java with Java2d and JBox2d.  I’m also using engie, a small 2D engine I wrote in Java for doing LD entries.

I’ve spent most of the time so far (literally hours) optimising and tuning the physics.  If I’d imagined it would have been so time consuming I perhaps would have hacked together my own sketchy physics code, although perhaps that would have taken even longer.

Building the terrain from splines and then converting it into discrete concave polygons for JBox2D was a fun challenge.


I guess I’m pretty behind schedule.  There’s still no art whatsoever so I’ll have to slap something together pretty quickly tomorrow.  Then there’s actually building in a win condition and tuning the level difficulties.  First – sleep!

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