Hey all!

I’m back with another development GIF (also in the development gallery):

Forerunner Development

What’s going on here is, well, the actual theme in action (Beneath the Surface)! Once I replace the placeholder textures, it’ll make a lot more sense. Hopefully.

What’s not seen on the screen is that I have a full level management system in place behind this, so I can rapidly add new environments simply by specifying a few values through a simple editor component. Honestly, I should probably have left this systems/polish step until after I had some, y’know, gameplay…But I’m hoping that, with the frameworks I’ve added and the refactoring I’ve done, the gameplay will be fairly quick to add.

By the way, I’d show my bugs and stuff too, except that 90% of them are seizure-inducing with the placeholder textures. There have been a lot of issues, so don’t get discouraged that I’m only showing my successful milestones!

(just realized there’s 24 hours left)

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