Forerunner: Fourth milestone

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April 26th, 2014 11:46 pm

Hey all!

Before I give you the goods, I should let you know there’s 200% more GIF in this post. I know, right? Just yesterday I was struggling to get the one…Anyways, here’s the show:

Forerunner Development GIF

Spherical hazards litter the skies.

Forerunner Development GIF

Who keeps leaving these rotating bars in midair? Jerks.

Forerunner Development GIF

Aaaaaaand that’s a lot of hazards. Damage is almost inevitable, but there’s a handy bit of screen shake to really drive home your suffering!

(remember that these GIFs run considerably faster than the game does, so avoiding those obstacles is not as hopeless as it looks)

Again, I ended up investing time in refining a system instead of getting content done: I am able to create a level/wave simply by specifying the types of obstacles that can show up and tweaking some values for quantity and clustering.

I feel good about my potential for throughput tomorrow morning, though. After adding start/win/lose sequences, I’ll have the rest of the time for creating textures and new hazards. This is going to look ridiculously better once the placeholder art is gone.

18 hours – sleep = ohgod

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