So about to hit the hay on the first day, basically got character sprites and music done. However, liking how it’s coming out. My game stars a character I am tentatively calling ‘Marshmallow Monk’, and an antagonistic spider who can possess different things. The character is escaping death row and is taking to the underground… But  also using the theme in a secondary, more psychological way outside of the obvious.


Simply drawn sprites for Marshmallow Monk & Raspberry Spider:

MC$Gooey Abomination


And completed 16 music tracks, which is admittedly what most of what the first few hours consisted of. Here are a few samples:

My Little Marshmallow

Underground Drone




Stepping in Goop

Gooey Abomination


Along with 9 other songs. Very odd music, but the game is odd so hope it works.


Also, not in the game obviously, but some people in the stream I’ve been holding have been doodling Marshmallow Monk, so I’m happy. Credit here to CookieCyatt & Xenobladebuster:



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