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April 26th, 2014 11:55 pm

I had a rather busy day today. I spent most of it helping my sister move her stuff to her new house. It seems more and more lately that each ludum dare I get less and less time to work on my game. But each ludum dare I seem to keep on pulling out a better and better game, I guess I’m growing as a gamedev. That said, it wasn’t until about an hour after the 1 day mark that I got something rendering. I put a lot of work into the engine… probably to much. But the hope is that it will let me focus on gameplay – the hope -. Right now I have a mining ship that you can fly around using the keyboard and mouse or an xboxcontroller, and I have randomly spawned asteroids of different sizes with and without crystals. Here are some screenshots of the game so far.

It’s not to much yet .. as you can see by the lack of ui/background, but at least I have something despite all the time that I lost today, I might be moving to the jam, because I think this game really deserves some good time on it before I submit it.

Btw here are the art assets I made for the asteroids:

All my assets are made using inkscape, I decided it might be fun to use vector art this LD, so I practiced for the day or two before hand. And I think it’s turning out pretty awesome!


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