10 hours later…

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April 26th, 2014 4:48 am

After some silent progress, here’s some phos for you guys! 😉


The first enemy, shoots you while moving


Killed few enemies, facing the ‘stabber’ ;)


Now comes the bombardier, a pretty aggressive but kind of stupid kind 😀 Now you can play ping pong with his own bombs!


Here is one of the item drops, the ‘syringe’ can heal you 25 HP. Not much, but is pretty common and handy for healing only a small portions of HP.


Finally the boss! It has four different kinds of style depending on how much his HP has left. A pretty hard boss that tests your skills as learnt earlier ;)


This is the project in Game Maker Studio, a pretty useful software to make a 2D game easily :D


Recapping the features implemented so far:

– Three different classes of enemies with 2 variants each.

– A single but powerful boss.

– Syringe and Medkit. Medkit can heal 75% of HP, but is pretty rare compared to the 25% heal syringe.

– Walls with different variants, up to 12 different walls.

– Death sprites for everyone.


Planned features:

– Some simple non-animated cutscenes.

– 20 levels in total.

– Different weapons that player can equip, but only one at a time.

– Main menu and pause menu.

– Sound effects and musics.

– Credit scene.

– After all those, add in more environmental arts to create that ‘mood’ :)


We had 2 more days to go, but the 1st day seem to have tons of progress already. I am very looking forward to finish this game :)

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  1. qntnm says:

    That looks super nice, I’m excited to play this!

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