Thoughts about themes in general, from a LD veteran

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April 25th, 2014 12:38 pm

So I was on the LD IRC and people were talking about their favorite themes or the ones they didn’t like. This got me thinking, and I realized a lot of people don’t quite understand the purpose of having a theme.

All themes are good. Anything that will just make you think and then make something is a great theme. It doesn’t have to be super original. If, for instance, “Deep Space” sounds boring, do something different with it!

You can think “ah Deep Space… a lot of emptiness, maybe some ships and aliens fighting” but there’s so much you can do in space! Space can be the setting where some crazy shenanigans will happen, from an adventure game set in a lost ship, to a puzzle about meteors.

And if you say “I can do anything and make it in space and I’ll be under the theme Deep Space”, thats great! Thats the point of a theme. It doesn’t have to be open to tons of interpretations, or require a game specific mechanic.The theme gets you thinking, and that’s what matters.

You can squish creativity out of every theme if you make an effort to think creatively.

Remember: It’s not about rules. It’s not about score. Its about making a game.

(Bonus points if you engage with the community. Talk to people, share on twitter, comment on their games afterwards!)

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  1. very inspirational words and seems i have a challanger

  2. illugion says:

    This is why i like to read those posts before a ludum dare haha

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