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April 25th, 2014 5:30 pm

One hour for LD to start. The lucky thing about living at GMT+9 is that the start of the compo sits nicely at 10AM. I can wait for the theme announcement, and then take a shower while thinking about what the game should be.

I’m spending the last few minutes preparing my environment: setting up the screenshots for the time lapse, organizing my windows and desktops, and cleaning out my house a little bit.

As usual, my setup is something like this:

  • Programming Language: Java+LibGDX: LibGDX turned 1.0.0, I haven’t played with it since last LD, but as far as I can tell, everything still works in mostly the same way that I’m used to. The wikis have much more information. There is this new build system, Gradle, which I’m still not quite familiar with, but I figured out how to build and package my game.
  • Environment: Kubuntu+Eclipse: I have updated to the latest version of eclipse (Kepler), which seems to hang out and eat the context menu from time to time. That is not so good and I hope it doesn’t happen this weekend.
  • Art and sounds: Badly drawn art on a tablet + Gimp/Inkscape. Sounds will probably be BFXR + Autotracker. Again.
  • Hosting: My source and releases will be posted on this github repository:

Good luck and good times for everyone out there!

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