Our idea

April 25th, 2014 9:09 pm

Well, knowing we made the first steps into the core mechanics of the game I’d like to elaborate what we have so far.

Core mechanics:

You play the role of a dwarf with a gigantic hammer. You run around on a circle platform which is actually “earth”. Other dwarven miners are working in mineshafts to extract ore and other resources. However, these dwarfs are not alone. Some goblins don’t favour these dwarfs in their beloved territory. You protect these dwarfs by smashing your hammer on the ground, jumping around, etc. creating shockwaves ALL OVER THE DAMNED PLACE. Shakes are you weapon but like the goblins — also your enemy. The earth has a certain stability you have to take into account. If this stability breaks you lose the game. If the goblins eat your dwarfs alive.. Well.. You’ll lose also. It’ll be all arcade like and it revolves around getting the highest score possible.

Special notes:

We’d like to include different styles of play and we’ll attempt to make the gameplay as smooth and arcade-like as possible. Forcing the player to make fast decisions. Special attacks are a must with all kinds of crazy special effects.

That about rounds up our concept. NOW, BACK TO WORK. HOORAY.

Team Jamplifier, out.
(Fits pump up the volume, by the way.)

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