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April 25th, 2014 4:24 am

I threw this together for my own little personal warmup I’ve been doing over the last couple of days.

Features :

Audio (play sounds through audio channels)

Mouse (basic mouse position tracking)

Keyboard (track which keys are down)

Graphics (draw images, basic shapes, text – Rotate, scale, alpha,position)

Tech :

Renders with the canvas element from HTML5 and is written in javascript.


It’s very very poorly commented, is probably extremely inefficient and I’m sure has a load of bugs hiding in there, but I haven’t made this with other people in mind (it’s basically just for me to use for LD). That said, if people want to crack it open and take a look and use whatever snippets they might find helpful, please feel free. It can all be found here:


I almost feel like I might have expended too much energy working on this, I’m very tired at the end of today, but at the same time I’m very happy that I got all of this done.

Good luck everyone and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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