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April 25th, 2014 4:06 pm

Howdy All,

Here’s my code base. What does it do? It’s C++11 code that uses Allegro 5 to do some display, sound, input, and fonts. It’s also got some of my old Fluxions 0.2.0 code that I’ve written to do 3D math and other things [Probably won’t need anything but the Matrix/Vector stuff but who knows…].


Here are some of the tools I plan to use:

  • Language: C++11 via Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • My boiler plate Allegro 5 LD29 warm up code + Some previous code I’ve written for 3D graphics + math(Fluxions 0.2.0) [if needed]
  • Libraries: Allegro 5, OpenGL, GLU, GLUT
  • Sound and Music: Ableton Live + a variety of software and hardware synthesizers.
  • Graphics: GIMP and Paint.NET
  • Fonts: freeware Commodore / Atari / Apple ][ TTF fonts

I think that’s it. I am excited to start as this is my first compo though I’ve been wanting to participate for a few years now.


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