Let’s see where this is going!

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April 25th, 2014 1:32 pm

Hi, I’m Gins, and this is my first time. Very excited 😀

Usually I’d use Game Maker, but I recently started getting into JavaScript and THREE.js, so I’ll see if I can do something with that and/or various other libraries I’ll find, because I’d like to develop something that runs directly in the browser. IDE is Eclipse.
If I get really motivated for a larger scoped idea, I might fall back to Game Maker Studio, because that’s where most of my experience is and where I can create something playable the fastest.

2D Graphics will come out of my trusted Paint Shop Pro 6, Inkscape and/or Paint.NET.

If I need 3D models, I’ll only use very simple shapes, as I’m not very experienced in modelling and don’t want to spend this weekend on learning it. Maybe next time.

Sound effects will come from bfxr most likely and music from a music generator. If I need any audio editing, I got Audacity.

I hope I’m prepared well enough to submit something in the end.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. kamranayub says:

    Hey Gins! Props for using web technologies!

    If you’re looking to get started with HTML/JS games, I contribute to an open source engine called Excalibur.js (http://excaliburjs.com) and we think (hope?) it’s pretty simple to get up and running with a game. If you have a chance either for this LD or the next, we’d love it if you tried it out! We’ll be using it ourselves to make sure it’s easy to use and squash any bugs during the jam.

    Good luck!

  2. Gins says:

    Hey kamranayub, thanks for the suggestion!
    I’ve seen Excalibur.js mentioned in another blog post, I’ll have a look at it and might try it out this or next time :)

    Good luck to you and your team!

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