hexagon voxel engine in unity

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April 25th, 2014 6:37 pm

Here is my engine i have been working on for this ludum dare. Anyone can feel free to use it. Its an early version that supports bot cubes and hexagons. Chunk management/culling  is not completed so you can have infinite  worlds.

(click to enlarge images)













I tried having 110k blocks (4.4m vertices, 2.1m triangles) and I still had 65 fps as seen in the screenshot. There is one thing bugging me that it ins’t 100% efficient as i had a little problem eliminating the faces which i didn’t need to draw. If I get that working in a future version it could result in drawing about half the amount of triangles and possibly more depending on the terrains bumpiness.












This is an example of one chunk (8x4x8)



Unity project

The project is quite complex and is kind of lower level programming with mesh vertices, triangles, uv mapping and collision triangles, rather than the (inefficent) prefab path of doing this. FYI it doesn’t have  a loading screen.

Download link:





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