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April 25th, 2014 11:45 pm

So I struggled for a little bit coming up with ideas, but I guess that’s almost how all ludum dares start, but eventually I think I came up with a pretty good one. Originally what I was thinking about was motherload, but I figured that would be pretty generic and kind of done, but I went and played the game for a few minutes to try and determine what I liked about it. I decided that I liked collecting ores and saving up to upgrade my ship the most. I fell back on some things I’ve learned about game design from this rather lengthy post it talks about the atoms of a game “the core elements” as it were. You should at most 3 core elements I decided my core elements were mining/collecting (you need to mine to collect), movement (you need to move your character around the world), upgrading (upgrade the stats of your player, speed, storage fighting.) I tried to think of a few games based around these “atoms”, but finally I settled on one game idea that I rather liked. It seemed like if I finished it, it would be a fun, fast passed game with collecting and upgrading. đŸ˜›

The basic idea is that you start at a space station (in the middle of the world) the vast emptiness of space is filled with mineral rich asteroids. You as a miner for the space station must shuttle to the various asteroids and bust them to smithereens and collect the resources. However some asteroids may hold dangers like exploding, monsters, exploding monsters, secret pirate bases. As a mining vessel you can’t really defend yourself against these dangerous so you must fly back to the space station and have it defend you with it’s powerful cannons. At the space station you can also upgrade your ship and buy items. Upgrades: Ship speed, Mining speed, Cargo storage, Fuel. Items: defense drone, teleporter, extra fuel, shield, bomb. The goal of the game is simple stay alive as long as possible, and collect as many resources as possible. In order to stay alive you must refuel at the space station and evade pirates and raiders who want the space stations minerals.

Here is my mock up of the mining ship.

For now I haven’t done to much gameplay I’ve just been putting together the engine, it’s almost finished though. So I’m feeling pretty confident and optimistic at this point, although I’m sure that will change soon. (I might have change to doing the Jam, because I may have a large chunk of time taken out of my next couple of days.)

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