bvssvni’s Codebase in Rust for Ludum Dare

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April 25th, 2014 4:05 pm

According to the rules, I need to publish my code-base before the competition starts.

This will be posted on /r/rust so other Rust hackers has the same benefit.


Because my goal is to improve Rust-Graphics, a back-end agnostic graphics engine,

the following will be part of my code-base: (the graphics engine) (the game engine, depends on Rust-Graphics, glfw-rs and rust-opengles) (example project, depends on Piston)


To install Rust, you can clone one of the projects and type `make nightly-install`.

This will install a nightly build of Rust on your machine.


The best way to iterate between multiple projects is using symlinks `ln -s <from> <to>`.

Symlink the .rlib library located in `target/cpu-vendor-os/lib/` folder to the same folder in next project.


Some updates on Rust-Graphics:

1. Alpha blending

2. Clear background

3. Fill rectangles

4. Fill polygons (convex)

5. Fill ellipses


Rust-Graphics now supports procedural polygon triangulation for convex polygons.

It also has some interpolation algorithms.

This will hopefully make it faster to add new functionality.


I will update Rust-Graphics while trying to make a small game.

Join the #rust-gamedev channel at to get status updates.

Feel free to experiment with Rust-Graphics!

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