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April 25th, 2014 7:00 pm

Okaaaaay, so here we go. Having skipped the December Ludum Dare, the last time I took part was in August (I really quite liked my entry for that, go check it out).

As with last LD, I’ll be working in Ren’Py. I’m teaming up with my best friend Aryn, who’ll be handling the art (his blog’s here), and I’ll be your resident wordsmith and kinda-sorta coder.

This is also the first time I’m doing an art jam in person rather than over the internet. I got way too excited and dragged out every art book I have and set up a sleeping zone deep with blankets and pillows.

Ludum Dare GrooveMan workstation

Since we’re in the UK, we powernapped leading up to 2am, when the theme went live. Immediately the whiteboard came out, and STRATEGIES MANIFESTED.


My handwriting is terrible.

Eventually we came up with the following:

  • The story will be based around a detective (you) interrogating a witness to a murder (we’re very cheery people)
  • The witness is pretty stunned and vaguely emotionless, but as you ask questions emotions will rise to the surface.
  • The player has a way to read the emotions of the witness, which affect the outcome of questions asked.
  • There will be a notable discord between tone of writing and aesthetic tone
  • Secrets uncovered will be both of a traditional mystery and supernatural nature
  • Uncovering certain secrets will get your higher-ups involved, which… you don’t want.

Right now we’re doing all the sensible preliminary steps. Off the cuff sketches, planning out what bits of code we might need, brewing cups of tea. A playlist of thematically appropriate music has been made.

ludum dare 29 Grooveman selfies

It’s happening, people.

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