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    var imIn = haveEnoughTime ? “Sure!” : “Nope.”;

    Posted by
    April 24th, 2014 5:49 am

    I pretty much feel obligated to do an “I’m in” post.

    This weekend reeeally isn’t what I would call an ideal weekend for a LD, but let’s go!


    Not much has changed on my toolset since last LD:

    IDE/Editor: Gedit  and/or Komodo.

    Language: Javascript

    Platform: HTML5 (FTW)!

    Browser: Chrome, obviously! I might test the game in other browsers before publishing, tho.

    Os: Ubuntu 13.10

    Engines/frameworks/libraries: I might use any of these frameworks/libraries, depending on the situation:

    Music/sfx: FamitrackerBfxr, Freesound.org and maybe Garageband.

    Let's make some chiptunes already!

    Let’s make some chiptunes already!


    Gfx: Graphics? Whaaat are those?

    Well, as I suck at any kind of visual art, I’ll probably make a game with squares, circles and triangles for graphics (probably circles tho, circle collision is way easier to solve). If I ever consider to any “real” art, I’ll probably use Gimp.


    Programmer art...

    Who wants some programmer art? I don’t. And yes, that is a house.


    File hosting: Dropbox . I can’t live without Dropbox. Seriously, Dropbox. Need it!

    Version control: WTF is this?


    These are the configurations of my <sarcasm> super beefy computer </sarcasm>:

    • 1.8 ghz Intel pentium dual core
    • 1 GB of ram.
    • Intel GMA integrated GPU (super mega old).
    • 500 GB Samsung hard drive.


    Sorry, not enough time to make a cool VGM playlist this time…

    As a compensation, enjoy a picture of my workspace:




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    One Response to “var imIn = haveEnoughTime ? “Sure!” : “Nope.”;”

    1. brogrammers says:

      Hahaha, my drawing skills are even worse…
      Nice house btw

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