So, I’m gonna give my first LD a go this weekend!

Everyone else seems to be covering what software they’re gonna be using.

To be honest though, at this point, my first concern was: I wanna do a TimeLapse of the whole thing, so I need to delete my broswing history, chat logs and anything¬†off my desktop that I don’t want to appear for a split second in a video seen by (no-one) online!

So with that done, I present my first screenshot!

My newly cleaned desktop AND shortcuts to the software I intend to use. I anticipate Hearthstone and Diablo 3 will be used the most.


I’m off to a blinding start. I can’t figure out how to embed the image correctly! I’ve got this licked.


Edit 2:

Think I’ve sorted it now!

One Response to “Preparing for my first LD by deleting my history and cleaning my desktop!”

  1. DanielSnd says:

    I actually formatted my machine and reinstalled all my software for this Ludum Dare… XD

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