ld29imageIt’s time!

It’s that time again. THAT TIME. the time to make a game in 48 hours with boosted and insanely hot skills in the area of entertainment, code, pictures, sound, gameplay, art, and fun!

I’ll be running with the same as before since work at the rope factory has not been friendly to me in the sense of leaving me with much energy each day to tackle a new language. I will, though, do that in the future.

so, on to the stuffz:


Flashpunk/as3, with flashdevelop and air/sdk. -Chevy Ray is responsible for flashpunk! thanks Chevy!


audacity, sounds by yours truly!


paint.net is still the fastest at making the pixels i need to punch. Photoshop is great for very specific things and is excellent for realistic photo touch ups and such. i was surprised, at the last time i tried it, how hard it was to use at a pixel level.


tile editor by tyler moltz.

preloader/button(if i need it) by noel berry.


notepad++;useing chronolapse for timelapse; possible stream on twitch! (testing tonight)

GOOD LUCK all! xD can’t wait to see all of your games!


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