I’m back, baby

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April 24th, 2014 7:53 am

I’m in.

So, last time I won the innovation categoryyyy! I love you all for that. I woke up that day and had to click through a few pages to make sure that I was definitely seeing what I was seeing.



If you don’t know me, I’m the Rude Bear guy. Every Ludum Dare I make a Rude Bear game, since Ludum Dare 25.

Rude Bear

This is what you get when you don’t have time to animate your graphics.

And this is why. My first game (Rude Bear) was.. pretty terrible, but it was stylistically rather nice, so people enjoyed it, and I decided to run with it and keep making Rude Bear games. It recently got put in the Pirate Bay Bundle, so that’s cool.

Then there was the one we still don’t talk about.

Radfish paralyses you and then his babies feast on you.

Hey, the audio was good! And, like.. the.. physics engine.. was technically interesting. I liked it, okay?

And next came the first one that actually did well:

Rude Bear Radio:

2D Animation of a Dancing Radio from Rude Bear Radio in Unity

For some bizarre reason this is still played hundreds of times a day by Brazillians.

After RBR, I made a post saying that I was super scared that I had to make an even better game this time. So I did!

Rude Bear Resurrection Death

The floatiest bear death simulator you’ve ever played

Rude Bear Resurrection is the heartwarming tale of a group of gamers who repeatedly died over and over again and then walked on each other’s corpses in a mad flurry to beat the endboss and become the new endboss. It’s all networked and you can use each other’s corpses as paperweights, carpets, boats etc.


Outside of Ludum Dare I then did a couple of other things. With the RBR engine I made Claire’s Voyage for Global Game Jam 14:


Then I made the fifth Rude Bear game, Rude Bear X for Flappy Jam (but never really told anyone about it).


Which was like.. an endless runner inspired by Megaman 2 where you could move around the screen, surf on enemies, use 5 different bear types and weapon types and fight various bosses in different worlds.


Then I made Midas with 3 strangers at EGX Rezzed Creative Assembly Game Jam in 8 hours. Which was fun. (I also made another game called Cooperative Spider Train Island Glitch [Working Title] but that isn’t really worth discussing).

But yeah, point is.


Normally I would be like, “AND IT’S GOING TO BE THE BEST RUDE BEAR EVER”, but.. really, like. It’s going to be difficult to beat a gold medal. I can try though, right?

If Atmospherium gets back to me, I may well be using his magical tools for ingame music. I’ll be using Unity2D again. And I.. may do something with realtime online functionality? But I’ve never done that before so I dunno. Obviously it depends on the theme too. If “You Are The World” or “You Are Your Own Enemy” wins I’m very unlikely to do something onliney.

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  1. Fiona says:

    Anxiously awaiting the next great installment in the Rude Bear franchise.

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