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April 24th, 2014 7:27 pm

Dear game developers, industry devs, hobbiests, Jammers and Compoers, Ludumers and Darers, it is with great sadness I announce that I am NOT partaking in this Ludum Dare!  :(

I can hear the first frequently asked question, “but Laaph,” I already hear, “you are hosting a real world meetup.  The reason you host them is so that you have a real world meetup to go to for Ludum Dare.  How can you not partake?”  Unfortunately, I am so behind in my work (you know, that stuff they pay me for) that if I don’t get stuff done for them by Monday, I might need a new job.

So in that light, nonstop code til Monday!  It may happen that I get everything done before the weekend, in which case I’ll partake.  But that is unlikely.

But!  I will still host the local world meetup!  I just will be working on work, rather than on a game.  (Sorry!)  I still encourage everyone to come make a game with us!  And, if you ask me technical questions that I can answer (Unity, Java, Objective-C, C, Matlab, perl, um…  can you tell which of these gives me money and which ones I do for games?) I will attempt to answer them!  I need distractions from work too!

So, if you are in Oakland, California, or if you are within distance of a Bart train (I note that PoV has listed it as San Francisco, just come across the bay!), come make games with us!  Let me spam the link of the sign up page.

SF Bay Area Game Jamming & Game Design

San Francisco, CA
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Making and thinking about games, both the analog and digital! This is an inclusive learning community for all backgrounds and skillsets, focused around co-working events in cl…

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Ludum Dare #29 Real-World Meetup in Oakland

Friday, Apr 25, 2014, 5:00 PM
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