“An Invocation for Beginnings” by zefrank

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April 24th, 2014 5:30 pm

Since people started sharing wonderful resources on creativity, I thought I’d contribute too! For me, “An Invocation for Beginnings” by zefrank is super helpful when embarking on any creative endeavor.

It’s absolutely wonderful.

My favourite parts fitting Ludum Dare:

I’m scared. I’m scared that my abilities are gone, I’m scared that im gonna fuck this up and I’m scared of you. I don’t want to start, but I will.


Let me realize that my past failures at follow-through are no indication of my future performance. They are just healthy little fires that are gonna warm up my ass.


Perfectionism may look good in his shiny shoes, but he’s a little bit of an asshole and no one invites him to their pool parties.


Let me not think of my work only as a stepping stone to something else – and if it is, let me become fascinated with the shape of the stone. Let me take the idea that got me this far and put it to bed. What im about to do will not be that, but it will be something.

There’s no need to sharpen my pencils anymore: My pencils are sharp enough, even the dull ones will make a mark. Warts and all, lets start this shit up.


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  1. yetatore says:

    Great motivation men! Lets kick asses in this LudumDare!!!!

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