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April 23rd, 2014 1:15 pm

Last GameI am in, I am riled up too create a game 100x better than I did last time; What I created last time was a side-scrolling slime-em-up which after a while running you would just fall off the world. In the game I made my own physics engine which took too long, but this time I am using LibGdx and Box2d lights to hopefully just get down to the core of the game creation within half an hour (1:30 AM in the UK). That will hopefully allow for me to build upon some of the better features, such as the shop, coins and research. It also will allow for more time focused on art! I also now have made my own game tools which will help me accelerate the speed of this process even more, it is called C-GDT (Capitals’ Game Development Tools), you can get it here. If you would like to use it in your Ludum Dare game you may (but notify me so i can praise you to the old gods), I am putting tutorials on the wiki as I write this. You can also check me out on YouTube and see last years timelapse. Done.


Language – Java

IDE – Eclipse

Framework – LibGdx w/Box2d, Box2dLights and Controllers. C-GDT (Capitals’ Game Development Tools).

Music Software – Unknown, but I will be using a keyboard. I will also be using SFXR & BFXR to get game sound.

Art Software – Pyxel Edit, and Photoshop

Misc – Notepad++ to create the Vertex XML file from C-GDT, and Physic Editor (To get the vertices of complex bodies).

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