I’m in (my second LD48)! Time to get weird?

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April 23rd, 2014 1:32 am

Excited and slightly nervous for my second LD48. My last game went pretty well (click here to read the post-mortem, complete with game and soundtrack links) and I learned a lot about scope and time management. I had so much fun on it I’m working on a spinoff, and plan on having a full release within the next couple years once I do some more prototyping!

Since the last Ludum Dare I’ve released several more games. LD hooked me on game jams so much I went on a bit of a “game jam binge,” participating in as many game jams as I could. I’ve made about six games since LD #28 (plus two more games for an Infectious Diseases class I was taking), many were with my partner Kristin Magann of RainbowSexyFish.

Anyway I will be reading over my post-mortem like crazy before starting this time so I won’t repeat any previous mistakes (we’ll see how that goes). Can’t wait for the theme, many of them are looking pretty interesting!

I will be using:

~ Stencyl most likely, but mayyybe Unity if the theme inspires something I know I can program (I just started using Unity recently, still learning the ropes). If I use Stencyl I may end up using some personal code libraries depending on the type of game I make.

~ Photoshop 5 for art

~ Guitar Pro 5 and VOPM for sound and music, possibly free domain stuff from Freesound or self-recorded sound effects. Audacity for any additional tweaks.

~ Pencil and paper for fleshing out concepts!

Good luck everyone and happy jamming!

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  1. ZeppelinCaptain says:

    What a great idea to read your post-mortem from last time. I will go do that right now.

  2. SenorDiablo says:

    awesome dude. Good luck:)

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