Break the Rules

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April 23rd, 2014 8:43 am

Incoming VVVVVV clones… wait what? …if “Break the Rules” is chosen, and you want to max out the theme, then make sure know what the rules are:

.. so basically, to clarify:

  1. Don’t work solo. Bonus points for working with crowds on IRC.
  2. Do make changes to the game after 48 hours has elapsed.
  3. Games must not be based on the theme. Any game about “Break the Rules” is following the rules.
  4. No public libraries or middleware are allowed.. that makes things interesting. I guess you could take a public library with a permissible license, then branch it with your own non-public library and use that.
  5. Don’t use the following tools, or others like them: 3dsmax, Photoshop, Flash.
  6. Source code must be securely locked in a vault.

*sarcasm mayhaps*

…anyway, here’s what I had intended to use:

Editor: Tiled
Language: Haxe 3/OpenFL
Physics: Nape

Frameworks: HaxeFlixel
Visuals: ASEPRITE, Paint.NET, Photoshop
Audio: Depends on theme: Sunvox, FL Studio, PxTone, Famitracker

9 Responses to “Break the Rules”

  1. Dynad says:

    If we go for this concept, we will see totally different games that doesnt make sense at all xD

  2. udo says:

    By the way, the part about public libraries and middleware is already regularly abused here.

    There are a lot of people who code their “framework” beforehand. While it’s obviously a sliding scale, I believe that building an undocumented “framework” and in some cases publishing it _just hours before the compo_ is fraudulent. Of course the person they’re defrauding is mostly themselves. If there is no real chance for other people to use the thing, it’s obviously not a public library in the spirit of the como.

    I don’t think it’s malice in most cases, a lot of people just seem to be under the impression that they should code their game before the event takes place and then just drop in some themed content when the time comes.

    Sorry, I had to vent that just now, it’s been driving me nuts for some time…

  3. mortus says:

    Wait, wait!

    If you say that:
    >> 3. Games must not be based on the theme. Any game about “Break the Rules” is following the rules.

    Then how do we break that rule? By breaking it we are following it! And if we break the “Break the Rules” rule then everything you’ve mentioned makes no sense and we have to follow rules, which means we have to break them, but by breaking them… oh shi~

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