Warmed up and ready

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April 22nd, 2014 3:18 pm

Warmup Collide and Die done!

Collide and Die

Here are my plans:

Sleep until ~7 Saturday morning. Check the theme (announced at 3 a.m. in my timezone). Eat breakfast. Code. Art. Sound. Deliver continuously.


Engine: If I go for 2D, I’ll use Phaser as I did in the warmup. It will be my first Phaser game. Anyway it will be HTML5 based again. If 3D, I’ll use Goo Engine.

Environment: Most likely a ThinkPad running Linux Mint. CoffeeScript as language, edited in Sublime. Chrome for running and debugging.

Audio: I hope I’ll get some audio in this time, probably using BFXR for sound effects and Caustic 3 or OpenMPT for music. Audacity for editing and conversion.

Graphics: Definitely Gimp. Inkscape if I need 2D vector graphics. Blender if I need 3D. Maybe even Photoshop.

Other tools: Tiled as tilemap editor. Git on Github for version control. Nginx as web server. Git and Fabric for deployment to server.

EDIT: Forgot to link to my base code: It’s the master branch in this repo.

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  1. nxT says:

    Phaser is cool, but watch out for its weird quirks. We used it for GGJ, and it didn’t go down very well.

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