I’m in (I hope)!

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April 22nd, 2014 4:10 pm

I’ll probably join the compo again this time. An artist friend of mine was interested as well, so we might go for a jam entry in the end if she’s finally in the mood.

I’m still undecided about the tech, and it’ll probably remain that way until the last moment. If I can devote some time to research, that will help on the final choice.

For now, Actionscript 3 and Unity 4.3 sit at the top of my ranking as the most likely options (I’ve already submitted entries using them after all), but I’m really curious about Haxe-OpenFL. C++ is also an option (I wanted to maybe try Cocos2D-x, SFML or SDL 2), but since it’s slightly harder to distribute the game across several platforms (specially web) it has a lower priority.

Other than that, I suppose that the remaining tools will be the usual:

  • Art: Photoshop, Texture packer, Inkscape?
  • Audio: Bfxr, audacity.
  • Music: I’d like to finally make some music myself. If I manage to gather the time to do so, then I guess the main candidate would be OpenMPT. Famitracker is also around.
  • Level editing (if needed): Tiled

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