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April 21st, 2014 8:25 am

So I’m working on a Voxel-editor that outputs both to it’s own unique format and to .OBJ files. Intended to be used both to edit low res voxel art (think 3D sprite art) and to used to edit tile-based environments; in other words as a level editor. I’m intending to use it in compo; but it’s just a beta at this point (1) and (2) I don’t intend to share the source of the whole thing, as I do intend to SELL IT when it gets to full versioning. As such, I won’t be using the level editor version (as that would need to be included in source to be used in the game); but I will be using it as a 3D art editor. For fairness’s sake; I’m going to offer the same beta to everyone with the only condition being that it’s an early non-commercial version and all art made with it must be shared alike, with me and the editor cited as a contributor to the project (in credits, etc.) Is anyone here interested in using it? [As I am currently working on it; I don’t know exactly what quality it’ll be in before the beginning of the compo and anyone that responds requesting access will get a copy emailed to them a few hours before the beginning.] I will also post a compiled version that doesn’t save for anyone to explore what the tool is before the start. Thanks.

Also, moderators, tell me if I’m in the clear to do this?

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  1. xXweeguyXx says:

    Sounds awesome; i’d love to try it out when it’s ready.
    What do you reckon the price range would be as I’d be willing to pay for a program like that.
    Good luck!

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