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April 21st, 2014 2:09 pm


Hey everybody! Hope your last few months have been fun. Been really excited for this Ludum dare as the last one I only had a few hours in between annoying life, to be fair this month is barely different as I have exams all week but fuck it Ludum Dare I think we can agree is a lot more exciting. Been making tons of games and reading about time managment and shit so I am sure I can make this better than mine before. Heres what I have learnt since last time:

  • PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN PLAN. I’m not saying I didn’t know to plan before but if you are working it helps so much to manage this in clever chunks. Means you get more done and less wasted time. Also PLAN BEFORE not while you are working. Make a plan at the start that you are going to work to(that is realistic(which means a lot less than you think you have time for)) and tick the things off as you complete them. When making a plan I personally want to do everything. The idea will naturaly grow and develop, of course this is healthy but you can’t do everything in the universe. Especially in a game jam! so make 2 lists. 1.)Ideas that have to be in the final 2.)Things I’l put in if I have enough time. Then from that I take the musts and split them into Art and Programming then in programming I plan the sudo code before I write a single line. This helps me:)
  • I am in no way an expert on time management but I am going to try and study myself more closely to find out things about how I work. Joseph Mirabello wrote a fantastically interesting article about the matter here:
  • Oh and guys dont forget to eat and drink;)


Hope this is interesting/helpful to anyone in some way:) have a great time making games. Can’t wait to try as many as I can and lose loads of sleep this week:)

Also very interested if anyone else has good little tips on how they have had successful Ludum dare’s in the past.



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