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April 21st, 2014 5:56 pm

So this is going to be my first ld, and I’m fairly nervous, because I always have a really hard time coming up with ideas. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good tools(mind mappers, etc.) or specific techniques, for getting/planning out ideas,



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  1. Pixtopher says:

    Storm like 3 or 4 ideas at the start. Spend longer thinking about every mechanic involved and how long it will take to implement. For short time frame jams the best ideas are typically the ones that are fastest to code. This leaves more time for a well polished simple mechanic then a half implemented complex one.

  2. Guennor says:

    For real?
    Grab a piece of paper, a pen and some beverage of your choice.
    Think about the theme and start scribblin’ and making sketches and things like that while enjoying your favorite beverage!
    Protip: Try to make something that you would like. Something that you want to play. Even if it’s something simple.

  3. NicoM says:

    thanks for the responses:), I figure your right, best ways probably to just try and think of a bunch quickly and then narrow it down based on fun/ability

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