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April 21st, 2014 1:32 am

Junnav Team IS READY!!!


Our goals:

Make a story-driven game

Make a professional-looking game

Do not repeat the same mistake on Ludum Dare 28 again.



We made a story-driven game for Ludum Dare 28, Red Christmas.

We are joining the Jam.

I am going to be the programmer and composer, while my best friend is going to be an artist and also the animator.

We had been slowly making games over 5 years because of school life.


My plan:

I am going to make both of us stick a paper on top of our monitor, writing:

“Simplicity is above all designs”

We are going to be spontaneous because we believe that the best idea comes during the crisis, which works during our previous Ludum Dare.

No need to over-work on the game, let ourselves some time off to relax and then come back to work. It definitely guaranteed me some wonderful idea during the last Ludum Dare.

I will also write out the “In case of crisis” document which includes what should we do when we have some problem.

This is going to be an awesome time for Ludum Dare again!

Software I am going to use:

  • Game Maker Studio Standard EditionOur only way to create the game here. It’s our life line. If it fails to work, that’s it.
  • LMMSSince there is no composer on our team, I will act as the stand-in and try to cover as much music holes as possible.
  • AudacityTo edit sound effects and music.
  • SFXRTo generate some sound effects.

Software my artist friend are going to use:

  • Photoshop Elements 8His primary software that he is going to use alongside with his tablet.
  • GIMPIf Photoshop suddenly felt like it doesn’t want to get to work.

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