im contemplating learning a new language for this ludum..  everytime i have used java

but i realize i spend so much of my time just getting to the point where there i can just draw

something to the screen/input etc.. i start from scratch everytime and dont seem to be coding

in between ludums so i forgot alot of it by the time the next one comes around ;p


i was just wondering if any one had any suggestions to quickly try and learn another language with

possibly a framework in place to get up and running quite quickly as this time i would like the put

more into the gfx/sfx and actually gameplay instead of building everything from the ground up..


plus im kind of sick of fighting with java to get it working online with ppl having to update/accept

security things etc..



howie :)

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  1. Sébastien says:

    Hello !
    For every ludumdare, I used Python with Pygame. But this time I decided to change and discover something different, and I choose to try Haxe.
    I think you can learn it really quickly, because for me, it’s similar to Java (but it’s less annoying, I have to admit, I don’t really like Java :p)
    There is multiple game framework for Haxe, I choosed HaxeFlixel, but there is also HaxePunk and Flambe (or OpenFL if you just want a basical library).
    The big inconvenient is the lack of documentation.

    Here is some link if it can help you :

    Also, maybe you can try C# and Monogame as C# is similar to Java, but I never suceed to install a working development environement for this.

    • howieV (binarygirl) says:

      thanks sebastien.. i will look into those.. haxe sounds like a good idea.. i DO like the web basedness of java applets but its the language that is starting to grate on me.. and for C# i kind of dont like the idea of people having to download my game to play it.. it always kind of puts me off as id rather just click on a web link when im going through hundreds of them, kind of thing :)

  2. goerp says:

    That’s a tricky one. It all has to do with frameworks.
    I like Java, but I haven’t found a good framework yet. libgdx sounds good.

    There are frameworks for javascript, but personally I don’t like Javascript that much. Not strict enough.
    You could take a look at PhotoStorm. It’s made by the people who made Flixel and it’s based on TypeScript which generates Javascript, but is a bit stricter.

    For the Ludum I think I will use Flash, with FlashDevelop. If combined with frameworks like Flashpunk or Flixel a lot of the graphics stuff is taken care of.
    Citrus (combined with Starling) for Flash looks promising too. It’s a quick way to combine graphics, sound and physics.

    But it also depends on what you want to do. Maybe use Unity for 3D, and learn Javascript or C#?

    • howieV (binarygirl) says:

      thanks goerp , i was trying to stay away from frameworks as i like to try and understand the vanilla language as much as possible but thinking about it all the things that drive me nuts are the things that frameworks would help me with haha.. thanks for the suggestions .. i will look into them all :)

  3. Spiridios says:

    Keep in mind language != platform. Only you know yourself well enough to know if there’s enough time to learn a new language/platform before LD starts.

    As for recommendations, libgdx for Java seemed nice, especially as an XNA replacement, but it still might be too low a level for what you’re asking for (and it’s still Java). My vote goes for finding yourself a game engine to start with, something like Gamemaker, Unity, or Stencyl, where your coding is more about connecting things rather than mundane details like how to blit a sprite on screen. Check out the AGK App Game Kit sounds interesting, and it’s free. I have no experience with it though.

  4. howieV (binarygirl) says:

    thanks Sporidios.. a few have mentioned libdgx ..i think i mite have a look at that.. could be just want im looking for actually.. i still like the lowlevelness and java is fine really as long as it takes abit of the pain away ;p ..ive tried gamemaker years ago.. its abit too UI for me.. im really surpirsed at myself for not being fluent with unity yet.. tried it a few times and just never clicked with it.. i thought i would go mental for something like that ;p

    i think i mite try libdgx .. cheers guys :)

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