Team Up For The LD Jam

April 20th, 2014 9:41 am

Hey, Ludum Dare is coming up, and some people are more interested in jams than compos. I would like to team up with anyone who have and knows about the following so that we could make an awesome game together:
Software-Macromedia Flash/Adobe Flash
Language-AS2 (ActionScript2)
I currently do not know what is the Theme for Ludum Dare, so I’m trying to get a group so we can be ready by the time it begins. I would like someone who knows how to do make music to make it for the game, and I would like people who could do really good art to do the animations and art style, as well as songs for the animations. I would also like more Programmers who know ActionScript 2, to help out with the game-making becuase that’d make it easier and faster. I would like people who are willing to do these things for free because Ludum Dare is just a fun and free site, so making the games are all for fun and experience. If you are doing the Ludum Dare and using the ActionScript2 language, and want to work in a group, or know how to make music and animations and programme, and want to work in a group, or just a random fella out there that read this and want to help out for free, contact me at . Ludum dare starts in a week so lets all get this settled and not wait until last minute. If you do not know about Ludum Dare, check it out here: . To get more information click on compo and read through of if you’re to lazy copy amd go to this link here: . I hope some people or at least one person is interested in this and please contact me before last minute.

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